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3M RPM (Raised Pavement Markers)


3M RPM is a unique, easy-to-apply road safety device specifically engineered for low light Indian road conditions. Constructed of engineered thermoplastic, RPM can withstand the heaviest of moving loads and still retain their safety edge. RPM’s ultrasonically welded lens makes it impervious to wet weather conditions. While it can be easily fixed with shanks or epoxy enabling faster execution over long road stretches. Its signature ‘rumble’ effect provides tactile and audible warning when lanes are cut; while its all-round visibility marks out geometry clearly. 


  • Optimum for various kinds of roads like straight/curve, wtc

  • Longer road presence, lower lifecycle cost

  • Improved safety, reduced shy distance

  • Longer product life

  • Longer road presence

  • Reduced lifecycle cost and less chances of product failure

  • Colors Available:  Red, White, Yellow.

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