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3M Twin Molded Shank RPMs


The series 290C/290CE in RPM’s feature a revolutionary molded twin shank design that prevents displacement/disorientation poet installation. With class leading retro-reflective properties, unbeatable all-weather durability, proven performance and the all-new moulded twin shanks, 3M ™ Moulded Twin shank RPMs give you safety that stays in place and performs even in the most demanding traffic conditions


  • Optimum for various kinds of roads like straight/curve, wtc

  • Longer road presence, lower lifecycle cost

  • Improved safety, reduced shy distance

  • Longer product life

  • Longer road presence

  • Reduced lifecycle cost and less chances of product failure

  • No hazard caused to traffic

  • Higher Durability

  • Colors Available:  Red, White, Yellow.

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